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Sunday, 16 September 2012

13.1 miles, down memory lane.

I started writing this a week ago then life got in the way.

Three weeks left until the race and I managed the biggest week of running I've ever done, slightly over 31 miles in a single week and approaching five hours of treading the streets. I expected it'd hurt, but since I slowed down for my training runs it's been a little easier on me.

I ran between three and six miles every day between the Tuesday and Friday, and even managed a tempo run at just a couple of seconds slower than my last 10K race pace on the Wednesday (despite some of it being uphill due to poor planning). Those tempo runs are still hard work, and I like them least out of all the runs on my plan - I'd definitely rather run intervals.

By the time Sunday came around it was a glorious day, probably one of the last ones we'll see this summer so I thought I'd make the most of it. Since I started building up the distance I've wanted to be able to do a run from home to Elvaston Castle and back, which even by the shortest route ends up being close to 12 miles.  The plan said I needed to do an 11, so that was close enough for me. The route also meant I'd get the chance to run along the streets I grew up by, and past my first school, which seemed like an interesting way to pass the time.

This weeks long run took me past the Rolls Royce site, then off down Boulton Lane, Holbrook Drive past my old infant school, then along Field Lane to the Alvaston playing field, where for some reason they've got rid of the slide that for a dare I remember riding a BMXs down as a kid (What do you mean that's unsafe?), and past my old junior school, before heading out over Stocker Flats and the lane to Elvaston Castle..

Everything seems smaller than I recall it being, but it was nice to run a route that featured familiar landmarks.

I stopped around the half way mark and treated myself to an ice cream - usually I try and do a training session in one go with no pauses, but I figured as long as I do the miles overall then I'd get all the benefits, and maybe a bit of fuel wouldn't hurt.

The journey back followed more or less the same route and I stuck fairly closely to the stready 9:45 pace I'm supposed to do on my long runs. but spurred on with ice cream I decided I'd actually take a few extra roads on the way back, so added in an extra loop with Keldholme Lane and Shardlow Road taking the grand total to just over 13 miles, and race distance!

So, now I know I can make it around the course.. a few weeks to go and probably just one more long run.

Distance: 13.1 miles
Time: 2:07:04
Avg Pace: 9:41 min/mi

Avg Pace

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Easy like Sunday morning?

By Sunday I'd already had a busy weekend and felt exhausted, I was tired, my legs hurt, my back hurt, even my backside hurt. I really didn't feel like running at all but the plan said 8 miles. I figured that sooner or later I had to tackle a run I didn't feel like doing, so decided this would be the one.

My usual routes all seem to involve hills, I really wasn't up to that, a quick look at the map and a new plan was arrived at. I decided on a completely flat route picking up the the Derby Route 66 cycle route, round to Chellaston and then on to Route 6 and finally along the canal, then back towards home via Stenson Marina.  I've done this loop several times before on a bike, so it was familiar, but a new adventure for running. Overall at about 9 miles it was also further than I wanted to go, but I figured I'd walk the last bit.

Every mile hurt. I was slower than the plan said, but I stuck with it, somehow taking energy from my ipod as I gritted my teeth and... plodded. After 6 miles I ran out of drink, and was a mess. My legs felt like lead and I'd had enough so diverted along a country lane into head on traffic, just because I wanted to get home.

Now I know what running on tired legs feels like. I can do it, but it's not fun. I'm pleased that somehow I still managed to run all the way, but it was a really close call.

Total Distance 8.61mi
Duration 1:28:46 (Spilt times: 10:04, 10:15, 10:10, 10:33, 10:35, 10:56, 10:18, 10:27, 05:28)
Avg Pace 10:18